iflexsoft about us


We offer technical support our customers via email,mobile,social media. We will help you with issues regarding the installation, setup, modification and customization of your software,website,app, or if you’re having trouble with your account or membership.

Support Hours

We usually answer questions saturday to thursday, 10am-5pm, Italian time ( GMT +6 ). You will most likely get an answer within 24 hours on workdays.

Support Duration

If you buy a softwer,website,app, we offer a 30 days support period ( starting from the day of the purchase ).

If you paid for a premium membership, we offer a 365 days support period ( starting from the day of the purchase ).

 Extent of our support

We may not offer direct code customization as support service. For a customized template the user may pay additional fees.


As part of our premium support we will help you with minor customizations (for example custom CSS overrides), however we reserve the right to ask for an additional fee if your request is consided a complex change.

Bug Fixing

It is our commitment to fix all template bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention.If you discover any bug please contact us. Thank you!